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Winning Cultures

Winning cultures are built on performance and behavior. They consistently out-perform on key metrics, deliver exceptional results for the organization, and create high levels of employee engagement. Collaboration is seamless across the business, well-being is role-modeled and excellent productivity is the norm.


Every individual in a winning culture feels valued, is highly motivated and makes time to understand how their role contributes to team success. Relationships flourish and the wide variety of social interactions make for a healthy and vibrant workplace.


High performing teams and strong leadership skills are typically central to shaping a winning culture. Our experience in bringing these three elements together has paved the way for some remarkable results.

Looking back, 700 people, negative double digit profit margins, negative business growth, employee engagement in low 40’s – and we’re talking about it five years later, 3,000 people, double digit business growth, 6 times the market, double digit profitability, best in class on the market, employee engagement index which rivals that of the best organizations even in different industries which you usually don’t compare – but we’re talking about people engagement and you want to be the best.

Anand Eswaran
Vice President
Global Professional Services, HP


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