making it memorable

More than 60% of people are visual learners. Our visual tools help cut through the noise and make it memorable. Drive engagement, communicate at scale, inspire attendees and spark meaningful conversation. 

Make it

live scribe

To further engage teams through visuals and improve execution after key offsites, we utilize Live Scribing - or live capture of content - which increases the retention of information. 


Artists actively listen to your discussion and synthesize the content.  Your words are transformed into illustrative text and visuals.  This improves retention and recall of key messages, engages teams visually and creates a story to communicate key outcomes with your organizationn. 


The 60x40 inch boards are yours to keep as mementoes of the event. 


To improve execution, we also provide you with soft copy version to share with your teams after the offsite. 


live scribe

You talk, we listen and your words are transformed into illustrative text and visuals. 

digital drawing

We can integrated our live scribe capabilities with your next call/webinar, live stream at your event, create moving images - the possibilities are endless. 

journey maps

Journey maps are a powerful way to communicate ideas. Engage, align and inspire with insightful visuals.

digital solutions

Here at the AIP group, we believe that virtually, anything is possible.

Watch your content come to life with beautifully illustrated time-lapse video. Or turn your content into eye-catching animated gifs. Making your content striking and memorable.

Ready to create something fresh & insightful. Add some color to your next offsite.

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