Packed with insights, tools, & takeaways to help your business accelerate performance. 

Our Talent modules provide just-in-time knowledge packed with insights, tools and takeaways to help your organization accelerate performance. 


Each module combines the most current research from psychology and neuroscience with our experience building Talent programs for global audiences and our award-winning approach to design and delivery.


We have built modules to match every stage of a business life cycle, from explosive growth to tumultuous change, maturity & recovery and rebuilding. 


Our topics include: Thriving through Change, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Generating Insights & Innovation, Storytelling for Results, Facilitating and Presenting Skills and Peak Performance.

Time frames for delivery range from one hour to half a day. Each module can be delivered as stand-alone content, or as part of an existing single or multi-day agenda.

thriving through change

On an individual and a global scale our world is changing. It is becoming more diverse, dispersed and dynamic. This is an opportunity for leaders to make a difference.

storytelling for results

Effective storytelling holds immense power for leaders looking to connect, engage and inspire people.



We have learned important lessons on resilience from the adventure world that translate into how to be a more resilient leader in business. 


The latest neuroscience research is unlocking new information about the brain & helping provide keys to sustain long-term behavioral change.

insight to


In our fast paced world, how do you make the time and space for you and your team to approach your toughest business challenges in an innovative way?

performance conversation

Timely, honest, authentic and productive conversations between you and your direct reports are at the heart of healthy, high-performing teams and organizations.   



Design thinking a creative process for solving problems that often leads to disruptive innovation.

achieving peak performance

Prioritizing and managing your personal energy has become the way to be a more sustainable and resilient leader in this new environment.



What does it take to be a true global leader and build trust, communicate effectively, have empathy and be impactful in a diverse cultural setting?


The term “mindfulness,” can evoke something spiritual or disconnected to the practical realities of the business world.  Building your own toolkit can help you lead more effectively in the stressful, chaotic business environment. 

Depending on your requirements, we can present each module as stand-alone content or as part of an existing single or multi-day agenda.

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