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adventure-based immersive learning

We wholeheartedly believe that learning is the gateway to leadership. Immersive Learning in particular, is one of the top 10 leadership skills of the future. AIP Group embraces a world in which adventure is defined by any bold, often times risky, undertaking.


The AIP Group uses the three adventure themes to immerse participants in a new environment while drawing parallels to your business opportunities and challenges. We use Immersive Learning to emotionally engage people through metaphor, creating a powerful tool through which to discover team dynamics, to examine decision-making and to help retain key insights. 

Several members of our team are world-class adventurers and we use their experiences to build compelling simulations and workshops.

Immersive Learning allows an audience to emotionally engage with a concept while giving them an opportunity to apply and retain new information through a simulated experience.


In a rapidly changing environment, with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, how do teams and leaders chase big compelling goals? This theme also explores balancing risk & reward, focussing on culture, guiding principles and behaviors & build alignment across teams and organizations.


Mountain metaphors include climbing the treacherous Mt. Cook range in New Zealand, guiding military veterans in the Himalayas and summiting the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.



In the unpredictable ocean, how can leaders and teams balance short term execution with long term sustainability whilst differentiating in a crowded and constantly changing market? This theme also explores providing ROI for customers and stakeholders with conflicting priorities and the challenges of working virtually.

Ocean metaphors include long-distance and dangerous ocean sailing, competing in the world of big wave surfing, trekking the barren frozen ocean to the North Pole & rowing the remote and isolated Northwest Passage.



Exploration is defined as the action of travelling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. How do teams and leaders navigate the complex ecosystem, build leadership in a matrix environment whilst setting and achieving goals? This theme also explores onboard team members, design thinking & developing a high-performance culture. 


Our Exploration metaphor includes kayaking the complex Okavango Delta in Botswana, crossing Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle on foot, in frigid winter conditions and attempting to row the notorious Northwest Passage. 


skill development

The AIP Group has mastered the art of creating an engaging environment, which captures people’s hearts and minds, enabling them to build critical connections and create positive micro behavioral change in alignment with business objectives. To do this, we offer 10 highly interactive Skill Development sessions, all of which are grounded in the latest applied neuroscience and performance research, and are delivered as educational development modules.


One or more Skill Development session can be layered on top of our Adventure Based Immersive Learning, or facilitated as standalone sessions, depending on what is right for your group.


let's talk and together, create a program that works for you.

achieving peak performance

Prioritizing and managing your personal energy has become the way to be a more sustainable and resilient leader in this new environment.

neuroscience for leaders

The latest neuroscience research is unlocking new information about the brain & helping provide keys to sustain long-term behavioral change.



We have learned important lessons on resilience from the adventure world that translate into how to be a more resilient leader in business. 



What does it take to be a true global leader and build trust, communicate effectively, have empathy and be impactful in a diverse cultural setting?



Design thinking a process a creative process for solving problems that often leads to disruptive innovation.

insight to


In our fast paced world, how do you make the time and space for you and your team to approach your toughest business challenges in an innovative way?

performance conversation

Timely, honest, authentic and productive conversations between you and your direct reports are at the heart of healthy, high-performing teams and organizations.   


The term “mindfulness,” can evoke something spiritual or disconnected to the practical realities of the business world.  Building your own toolkit can help you lead more effectively in the stressful, chaotic business environment. 

storytelling for results

Effective storytelling holds immense power for leaders looking to connect, engage and inspire people.

thriving through change

On an individual and a global scale our world is changing. It is becoming more diverse, dispersed and dynamic. This is an opportunity for leaders to make a difference.


onsite live scribing

To further engage teams through visuals, we utilize Live Scribing - or live capture of content - which increases the retention of information. 


Artists actively listen to your discussion and synthesize the content.  Your words are transformed into illustrative text and visuals.  This improves retention and recall of key messages, engages teams visually and creates a narrative at any next event. The 60x40 inch boards are yours to keep as mementoes of the day/event. We will also provide you with soft copy version to share with your teams. 


keynote speakers

Members of our team have stood on the summit of Mount Everest, set world records in Antarctica, saved sea turtles from extinction, surfed waves the size of mountains, guided expeditions to the North Pole and rowed across oceans.


We focus on personal leadership and provide practical takeaways to bring individual and team performance to the next level.  From powerful stories of adventure with spectacular imagery to learnings from Neuroscience.


Kevin Vallely || the AIP Group
Matt McFadyen || the AIP Group
Mark Mathews || the AIP group

kevin vallely


The Power of


matt mcfadyen


To the Ends of

the Earth

mark mathews

Big Wave Surfer:

The Edge of Chaos - Where Growth Happens

Paul Gleeson || the AIP group
Wallace J Nichols || the AIP group
Amy Posey || the AIP Group

jonathan ronzio


Between the Peaks

paul gleeson


Grit - Beyond your Comfort Zone

wallace j nichols


Changing Conversations for Good

amy posey


The Science of Performance

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