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Shane Toohey is the Founder of the AIP Group.

He has led and grown the company for 15 years, he's skied on all 7 continents and has survived an avalanche, a traumatic brain injury, and numerous challenges as a parent, friend, and mentor. As a result of the brain injury, Shane has learnt how to manage every day while battling vertigo induced loss of balance and visual impairments that he will have for life. 


Shane has a passion for connecting experiences in adventure with challenges faced in business and exploring what it takes to be a successful leader in changing environments.

Building long-term relationships has been an integral part of the journey for Shane, and he has partnered with C-suite executives, senior leaders, and company founders across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Shane’s unique combination of personal experiences, design expertise, and global perspective has set the foundation for highly customized talent development programs delivered across all three global regions.