Wild Wisdom

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Uncertainty creates stress. Recently published research reveals that all measures of stress, both subjective and objective, increase the most when uncertainty is highest.

COVID-19 has created a level of uncertainty, anxiety and fear unlike anything the world has seen in our lifetime.

Our team knows what it takes to perform at the highest level in an environment of great uncertainty. Some of our accomplishments include – making dangerous first ski descents on all seven continents, walking to the North Pole over the constantly moving semi-frozen Arctic Ocean and surfing monstrous 50-foot waves the size of buildings.

These experiences have taught us a great deal about managing emotions in the face of ambiguity and change. To learn more, our team has also completed studies in neuroscience and psychology to better understand how uncertainty and stress impact the brain.

The AIP Group is in a unique position to offer insights that will help you stay strong as an individual so you can role model best behaviors at home and maintain performance at work.

We are very proud to introduce our series called Wild Wisdom. In the coming weeks we will be sharing tips & techniques that we use to perform at the very highest level in the face of uncertainty, fear and the unknown.


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