3 Practices That Build Business Resilience, From a Team of Extreme Adventurers

The AIP Group, like the rest of the world, faced an unexpected obstacle in the spread of COVID-19. Rooted in on-site experiences, the business was forced to recalibrate when offices nationwide told employees to work from home

However, it didn’t change its model dramatically, said Southern. Rather, The AIP Group tweaked its service to fit customers’ current needs without changing the service more than necessary. 

The company quickly shifted course to embrace the new normal of social distancing. Its traditional face-to-face learning program is now available virtually in three versions: “building resilience & adapting to change,” “remaining productive & focused virtually” and “achieving peak performance.” Visual scribes, who normally document the in-person sessions, are now available to create illustrations, GIFs and time-lapse videos for the virtual sessions. The AIP Group keynote speakers now conduct “virtual coffee chats” to provide needed bursts of energy and focus to teams during a session.

Aside from its training sessions, The AIP Group introduced “Wild Wisdom,” an online series of short videos, journal entries and useful tips to help guide companies through this time. The company site, now emblazoned with mantras “Virtually, anything is possible” and “Working remote but not alone,” maintains its adventure-based messaging.

The mildness of the changes both ensures continuity in The AIP Group’s value proposition and prevents the need for any major changes once the market shifts back toward normal.  

“It's less of a massive pivot in the business, and it's more of a reframing of what's possible in terms of how we bring those messages to life,” said Southern. 

👉 Takeaway: When hit with a temporary change in your market, recalibrate your business – but don’t lose sight of the big picture. How will your adjustments affect business once the market goes “back to normal”?

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