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Our Story

The idea that adventures inspire performance arose on the summit of Two Hummock Island in Antarctica, in December 2002. Preparing to make his ski descent down the steep face to the ocean, founder Shane Toohey reflected on how much he had learned about leadership and its power to create positive outcomes. He was about to complete his mission of skiing on all seven continents and recognized that adventure was a powerful metaphor for everything he did. He knew that he wanted to share this with others.

Timeline 2.001.jpeg

Launched Peak Teams Inc in the United States

Scheller School of Business at Georgia Tech becomes license holder of content

Completed Sea of Change surfing simulation filmed in Australia & the US

 Broke World Speed Record to the South Pole

Opened office in New York City

Completed Changing Horizons sailing simulation filmed in Alaska 

Kayak Expedition to Okavango Delta in Africa

Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Results of a Learning Program

Founder Shane Toohey suffers a life changing Traumatic Brain Injury while skiing in Chamonix France

Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best in Competencies and Skill Development

Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

Expedition to cross Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic

Re-branded as the AIP Group

Completed Pointing Forward simulation on mtn biking & skiing in Whistler, BC

Shifted to 100% virtual deliveries

Sam Toohey competes in World Cup Mountain Bike races in Austria, Switzerland and Italy

Evolved content for hybrid delivery

Delivered excellence for clients in 32 countries.

1050 mile Kayak Expedition w/ daughters 8 & 12 down the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean

Published our book Wild Success - March 2020

Building next generation talent modules

In 2006 we launched Peak Teams Inc. in the United States, with offices in California and New York. Over the following decade, we added ocean and exploration themes to our immersive learning experiences, as well as a host of other learning and development tools to improve leaders and teams.

In 2018 we rebranded to become AIP Group - Adventures Inspiring Performance is who we are and what we do. Our unforgettable methodology and approach has inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe and has allowed us to become the trusted partner for many of the world's largest organizations.

2022 ushered in a new era for our business. We have evolved into a full-scale learning & development consultancy, with the creation of our 3 consulting areas - skill development, consulting services, and content development. We will partner with you to identify the best combination of learning elements to fit your needs. The result is an increased understanding of your objectives, a clear path to building relevant skills, and accelerated business performance.


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