Matt McFadyen.
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Matt McFadyen is the EVP of Client Experience and Lead Facilitator for the AIP Group.


As a lead facilitator, Matt delivers excellence for clients, every time. That is why he is in such high demand from leading organizations including Google, Microsoft, McKesson and Mastercard.


Matt is a master storyteller and often coaches the C-suite, EVP’s and senior executives on how to use stories to make critical business messages more compelling and more memorable. His on-stage presence combined with his ability to connect multiple elements of a client’s agenda is critical to success.


As an adventurer, Matt has been part of and led teams to some of the most extreme and challenging environments on the planet including the North Pole, Antarctica, and the world's most treacherous oceans.


Originally from Sydney, Australia, Matt is now based in Connecticut, USA. His newest challenge is to be the best Dad he can be, while being front and center for clients across the world.