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Mark Mathews

Mark Mathews speaking

In a word, it was phenomenal! I’m having a hard time finding the right words to describe Mark. Not just the message he delivered or the authenticity of his delivery but what he stand for and who he is. We are growing and facing big waves and his message could not have been more on point. He spoke to our core values and honestly to our hearts. He is hands down the best presenter I’ve worked with and heard, and all of us at Cordial are cheering him on and wholeheartedly believe he will ride that big barrel again.

Alison Gillespie, Cordial

Mark mathews surfing

I have worked with many speakers over the years and Mark is by far one of the best. His powerful stories, excellent visuals and relaxed, authentic delivery had the audience captivated right from the start. His advice was simple, honest and most importantly - actionable. I have never received so much positive feedback about a guest speaker than I have following Mark's session. In fact, it was so positive, we immediately engaged him for another event. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark and I sincerely hope I get to hear many more of his awesome stories!

Ash Willis, Managing Director, Partners & Alliances Google

Mark mathews speaking

Mark’s unassuming approach and first-hand experience, makes his keynote very real and genuine, and his engaging style of story-telling with the right amount of humour and emotion keeps everyone spell-bound.

To quote a few of the comments we were getting:

“Gratitude heals!” “Goosebumps!!!”

“Wow what an incredible story”

“I'm moved to tears”

“Tears in my eyes... The power of gratitude.”

“Phenomenal !! So so inspiring !”


Bhaskar Sharma, CEO Red Bull India

Mark mathews surfing

Mark was a captivating speaker, telling his story to over 1,000 workers in the coal mining industry. He is able to relate to people from all different walks of life and makes the story meaningful for every person who gets the privilege to hear him. He was able to effortlessly link his story to the theme of Safety Leaders, which was the most important message for the workforce. Thank you Mark.

Chris Moger, Safety, Health, Environment Manager Anglo America

Keynote Presentations



Life Beyond Fear.

Explore the scientific benefits of vision, meaning and team support. And the counter-intuitive techniques that disrupt negative mental perceptions and increase innovation, drive and performance.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

MarkMathews Shipsterns



Wave of Gratitude.

Cultivating an emotional state of gratitude has many Physiological benefits. From decreased stress to improved immune function, to a strengthening of relationships. During this keynote Mark share’s an emotional story that highlights these benefits and motivates the audience to implement gratitude practices into their own life. Audience members are also given the chance to enter the (hyperlink) “Wave Of Gratitude” competition

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

gratitude diagram



The Next Wave.

In the ocean Mark must always assume that conditions can–and will– unexpectedly change, violently and fast.

Mark and his team must stay hypersensitive to change, continually reassessing conditions and refocusing goals and strategies. With this Agility, Mark and his team can overcome all challenges and succeed in surfing the worlds biggest waves.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

Mark mathews surfing



Built to Last.

Success as a professional big wave surfer is not all about the willingness to take more risks. It is about the ability to take risks out of a dangerous situation. This is only possible through Meticulous Preparation, Effective Communication, and Laser Focus.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

Mark Mathews under water



Life Beyond Fear.

When a huge swell pops up on the forecast, and it becomes clear that soon I will be surfing waves that could kill me, my mind goes into overdrive. It’s like someone switches on a TV in my head that plays out every way I might die in a week’s time. If I don’t manage that mental stress and anxiety, I turn up on the day of the swell physically exhausted, like my body has been through a thousand wipeouts before I have even put a foot in the water!”

In this keynote, I share with audiences the tips and techniques I use to manage that negative mental chatter so that I don’t burn out and I can perform at my best when it counts.

Custom Timing || 30min - 120min

Mark mathews Jaws
MarkMathews Shipsterns

"Like no other. No one comes close.
I have been speaking across the globe for over a decade and never have I been so moved or inspired by a speaker as I was with Mark Mathews."


Peter Bains, FOL Founder

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