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In her role as Director of Legal & HR, Jena carefully analyzes the details of business contracts to ensure that the terms are equitable for the AIP Group and our partnerships. Because AIP Group partnerships expand across the globe, Jena has acclimated herself with various city, state and national contract laws, depending on client and/or supplier’s locations, to verify and ensure that AIP Group is in accordance with local standard laws. She works closely with various operations and sales departments to evaluate products, prices, delivery and quality of services to negotiate and determine the appropriate terms for all contracts in the interest of both parties.


With regard to her HR role, Jena encompasses the values, visions, ideals, norms and working systems for AIP Group. She advises management on policies and procedures and handles employee relations, payroll and benefits. Being able to multitask in a constant, everchanging environment, she prides herself on being detailed oriented and an effective communicator.


Jena has over 15 years of legal experience, working in large insurance firms, overseeing paralegals, legal secretaries and clerks and most recently, in government relations where she researched and crafted legislation and advised on policy and regulation issues in New Jersey. She is well versed in all aspects of law and has interacted with various authority figures to promote advocacy.


When she is not working, Jena is spending quality time with her husband, son, daughter, and three rescue dogs. A perfect day would be a day at the beach, with a book in hand, watching her son and husband play by the water. For Jena, her days are busy so when there is time to unwind, she takes full advantage!