At the AIP Group, we have built a global reputation for excellence in the design and delivery of Immersive Learning to engage and inspire talent. Immersive Learning provides unparalleled opportunities to explore real-world behaviors & critical business skills, in a safe environment. 

The World Economic Forum identified a number of these skills, including judgment and decision making, emotional intelligence, and coordinating with others, amongst the top 10 skills needed to thrive this year.


We use three adventure themes to immerse participants in a new environment while drawing parallels to your business opportunities and challenges.

Our Immersive Learning Themes



In a rapidly changing environment, with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, how do teams and leaders chase big compelling goals?



The ocean is highly uncertain & unpredictable. In that environment, how do elite performers set long term goals, strategically align and differentiate themselves to outperform the competition?



Exploration is defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

What to Expect

We use Immersive Learning to emotionally engage people through metaphor, creating a powerful tool through which to discover team dynamics, to examine decision-making and to help retain key insights. 


Several members of our team are world-class adventurers and we use their experiences to build compelling simulations and workshops.


Immersive Learning allows an audience to emotionally engage with a concept while giving them an opportunity to apply and retain new information through a simulated experience.


The AIP Group uses the three adventure themes - Mountain, Ocean, and Exploration - to immerse participants in a new environment while drawing parallels to your business opportunities and challenges. 

Simulations Include

Performance When it Counts

Changing Horizons

Sea of Change

Reach for the Summit

North Pole

Next First

Crossing the Divide

Exploring the Delta


Flexible. 1/2 to full day