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At the AIP Group, we have built a global reputation for excellence in the design and delivery of Immersive Learning to engage and inspire talent.

Immersive Learning provides unparalleled opportunities to explore real-world behaviors & critical business skills, in a safe environment. 

The World Economic Forum identified a number of these skills, including judgment and decision making, emotional intelligence and coordinating with others, amongst the top 10 skills needed to thrive in 2020.


We use three adventure themes to immerse participants in a new environment while drawing parallels to your business opportunities and challenges. 

our immersive learning themes

Each theme mirrors the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous environments in the world today.


In a rapidly changing environment, with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, how do teams and leaders chase big compelling goals?


Our Mountain theme explores balancing risk & reward while focusing on culture, guiding principles & behaviors and building alignment across teams and organizations.


In the unpredictability of the ocean, how can leaders and teams balance short term execution with long term sustainability while differentiating in a crowded and constantly changing market? Our Ocean metaphor also explores providing ROI for customers and stakeholders with conflicting priorities and the challenges of working virtually.

Ocean metaphors include perilous, long-distance ocean sailing, competing in the world of big wave surfing, trekking the barren frozen ocean to the North Pole & rowing the infamous and remote Northwest Passage.


Exploration is defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. How do teams and leaders navigate a complex ecosystem, build leadership in a matrix environment while setting and achieving goals? Our Exploration theme also explores onboarding and off-boarding team members, design thinking & developing a high-performance culture. 


Our Exploration metaphor includes crossing Baffin Island in the frigid High Arctic in winter, kayaking the complex Okavango Delta in Botswana and attempting to row the infamous Northwest Passage.


why immersive learning

Immersive Learning is defined as the process of learning through the use of a simulated or artificial environment. In the business world, Immersive Learning allows participants to practice and apply real-world behaviors and critical business skills in a safe environment.


For organizations, the benefits of Immersive Learning include the creation of a common experience and a common language to unite and align talent, providing the time, space & context to enhance relationships, improve retention of key messages and increase trust.

At the AIP Group, our status as a leading provider of Immersive Learning experiences is built on our video-based adventure simulations that put these skills, and others, to the test.


Numerous members of our team are internationally recognized adventurers and explorers and it’s from filming their experiences and adventures that we have crafted real-life choose-your-own-adventure style immersive learning experiences.

The journeys are authentic, and the outcomes real. There’s no make-believe in our formula.

In the safety of a conference room, we show audiences 2-3 minute videos with narration that describes a real life scenario and presents a challenging decision.


Seated at table teams of 6-8 people, the entire audience watch and hear the story unfold, then they are asked to come together and discuss options, putting themselves in the position of the adventurers on film. Time pressure is added to the equation, and other variables are introduced to increase complexity.

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