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High Performing Teams

High performing teams achieve ambitious goals, regularly. They out-perform on key metrics and execute relentlessly. Collaboration comes easily and communication is open and honest. They also tackle the hard stuff, like people challenges or poor results, knowing that roadblocks need to be removed.


We build these types of teams differently. We use different tools. We put the human connection at the center of everything we do.


Our approach is built on our engaging equation. This simple yet powerful methodology combines rational engagement with emotional engagement to accelerate results. It’s award winning because it works.


Regardless of whether we’re partnering on a multi-year engagement, a quarterly push or a fiscal year initiative, we adopt the same methodology. We put the business goals and objectives at the start, to engage learners rationally, and then apply our tools and techniques to engage the team emotionally.

We have 6 business units, all geographically dispersed, and they all do very different things. So bringing the team together, solidifying the leadership team and then pushing that down into the organization was paramount for us to be successful. 


Going through that journey together was very, very powerful, but what was even more powerful is how the team was able to draw out the real personal side of all of us, and create those deeper connections-that really allowed us to raise the trust bar, break down any barriers and really focus on working together, to integrate these businesses, and create that platform that our customers wanted.

Shawn Seamans
President, McKesson Life Sciences

After the acquisition, the business grew by 67% in 15 months. Shane and his team were critical to our growth, operational efficiency, team unity and personal development.

Marc Olesen
SVP and GM
Network & Cloud Security


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