Are you looking for more effective ways to engage the Talent in your organization?

In today’s world, with smart phones and tablets everywhere, it is harder and harder to get people’s attention and deliver critical business information. Recent research shows that after 10 minutes of a PowerPoint presentation, almost 50% of an audience have lost attention.


Development Experiences by the AIP Group combine the best principles of adult learning with the benefits of gamification to enhance retention of content and maximize learning outcomes.


Delivered in sessions of two hours or more, we use our award-winning methodology to structure each experience and ensure the key takeaways align with your Talent plan.


Each Development Experience contains four components that are easily customized to suit your requirements. The four components are...








We put your business content at the center of each module and leverage our Immersive Learning to anchor the experience and make it memorable.
To enhance execution we have the audience complete Application activities that align with your business strategy and objectives.


Depending on your requirements, we can deliver our Development Experiences live and in person, or virtually using the latest technology. We have a wide range of topics to choose from, including Aligning on Strategy, Thriving through Change and Resilience.

If you are exploring options to develop your talent with more effective tools and techniques, we welcome you to start the conversation today

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