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Amy Posey loves building leadership development experiences and sharing information about the brain to help people live more productive lives. She is a facilitator based in San Jose, California.

Using the latest research in applied neuroscience, Amy creates and delivers innovative programs that help organizations scale their leadership. For the last 5 years, she has designed leadership development experiences combining the adventure, neuroscience, and unique engaging techniques to accelerate business results for organizations of all sizes. Her client portfolio includes Adobe, Apple, BMC, Cisco, EMC, Hewlett-Packard MasterCard, Microsoft, and Time Warner.

Prior to the AIP Group, Amy spent 10 years at Deloitte, delivering internal leadership development programs, and learning, change, and communication solutions to global technology companies. Her focus was working with complex organizations and managing programs across multiple functions.

Amy earned her B.A. in English, Education, and Writing from Purdue University and her M.B.A. in Managing Change and Marketing from DePaul University’s campus in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she lived and worked for two years. She recently completed her Executive Masters with distinction in Neuroleadershp from Neuroleadership Institute.

When not at work, Amy joins her husband, Bob, on spectacular paragliding hike-and-fly adventures to far-flung places across the globe.