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AIP is more than an acronym, it is an accurate reflection of who we are and what we do as a business

What We Do

We engage, inspire and develop talent at every level of an organization. Our expertise includes the design and delivery of CONNECTED LEARNING JOURNEYS.

Connected learning journeys allow your team to connect around critical business opportunities and develop actionable behaviors that enable success.  For participants, each step in their journey provides practical skills & lessons that can be applied immediately.

Our proven approach includes award-winning design, a facilitation toolkit that engages audiences both rationally & emotionally, and a comprehensive array of learning tools. 


All of our offerings can be delivered virtually using the latest technologies, live and in person, or as a blended solution depending on your needs. 


Development Experiences

Combine the best principles of adult learning with the benefits of gamification to enhance retention of content and maximize learning outcomes.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning provides unparalleled opportunities to explore real-world behaviors & critical business skills, in a safe environment.

Stories to Inspire

Our world-class adventures deliver short, compelling stories on video to sustain positive energy & forward momentum on your journey.

Visual Stories

Our visual tools help cut through the noise & make it memorable. Drive engagement, communicate at scale & inspire attendees.

Adventures in Learning

A revolutionary style of choose-your-own learning, that delivers quick bursts of new skills, insights & behaviors to outperform in any situation.

Talent Modules

Our modules are highly interactive 60-90 min sessions, providing just-in-time knowledge & insights to accelerate performance


Our Methodology

Is Unforgettable

Meet the


We are Impactful. We are Authentic. We are Unconventional.

Our team members hold Guinness World Records & PHDs. We are curious & creative. This compelling combination of talent delivers outstanding results for every client we partner with. 




No question, it’s been one of the highlights of my career, and again it’s because of AIP's commitment to us and walking through that journey.

Richard Walker

SVP, Hewlett-Packard

Hands down the absolute best culture work partner I have ever worked with and were indispensable in making iShares the world's largest ETF firm.

Phil Clark

Head of Communications, iShares

That was the best training I have ever received. Profound, imaginative, memorable and highly actionable.

Session Attendee


New Book.

Out Now.

Business today is tough, and it’s only getting tougher. Learn what it takes to perform at an elite level, under pressure, when one wrong move can mean catastrophe.  


In Wild Success, authors Kevin Vallely and Amy Posey share 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventurers. You will be introduced to some of the world’s leading adventurers, many of whom are members of our team, and learn how you can apply the adventurer’s mindset to real-life business situations for ultimate success.


Apply the lessons of elite adventurers in business and prepare for success beyond your wildest expectations.


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